Troubleshooting for Installation

If the "Nice PDF Creator" printer is offline or does not work after you run the setup program to install "Nice PDF Creator" software, please restart your computer. If the printer still does not work or the printer does not appear at all, please install the software.

Troubleshooting for PDF creation

Before creating PDF documents, make sure that the "Postscript printer" option is set to "Nice PDF Creator". If you want to use a customized Postscript printer, please make sure that the printer driver you want to use is really a PS printer (Postscript printer), not a PCL printer.

Troubleshooting for No "Nice PDF Creator" toolbar icon in Microsoft Word

After installing the software, new toolbar icon will be added to the toolbar of your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,

If you don't see any of there icons, please uninstall the "Nice PDF Creator" software from your system, and then install it again.

Troubleshooting for Installer Hangs up on Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/2016, Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Usually, the installation program won't hangs up. Please give it more patience. It will takes 9 seconds to 3 minutes to setup the "Nice PDF Creator" printer on your computer, depending on the speed of your computer and the number of installed printers on your PC. If you have waited for over 3 minutes, and still can't see the installation program complete, it might be that the printer named "Nice PDF Creator" can't be added to your "Control Panel"->"Printers". Therefore, the process named "helpinst.exe" will not quit, and the installer will still wait for the program to complete, and you will see that the installation programs get dead looped. Please kill the process "helpinst.exe" with Task Manager and the problem will be solved.

Troubleshooting for Popping up "Print to File" dialog

Just click the "Cancel" button to continue. No harm done.

Troubleshooting for user's intervention during the process of PDF creation

In cases you click the "Create PDF" button, you will probably encounter a dialog with the title "Print to File", which prompts you to specify the resulting file to receive the "Print to File" stream. Just ignore it, and click the "Cancel" button to continue. Next time, when you create PDFs, don't touch anything, since the creation process should not be interrupted, otherwise, this "Print to File" dialog appears.

When I download your software, I notice, in my Internet Explorer, the message "This program is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer". What should I do?

Please click on "Actions"->"More actions"->"Run anyway".

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